Work Placement Talk

This morning, Clare from the Work Placement team came in to class and gave a small presentation about getting placements through the college as well as other information about CV’s etc. Thus being our last year, it is a great chance and time for us to look and getting a placement with an agency so that we are ready to step into the real world after graduation. Also, it’s quite well-known for companies to hand out jobs after placements too so there’s another reason why it is a fantastic opportunity.

I’ve already met Clare before as a couple of weeks ago, she was the one who got an interview sorted out for me with the guys from Keltie Cochrane. I’m still waiting to here from them but it was a good experience for me! Clare also went on to talk about the importance of firstly HAVING a CV, and secondly the way in which your CV is presented. Because we are all ‘digital’ and ‘creative’ students, Clare recommended that we have our own creative CV’s made or put a resume together that’s attached to our blogs. Well guess what; I’ve already built myself a creative CV over the summer and a few agencies have that now with them :) Go me! The only problem being… It’s a bit different to my blog in terms or design/style. So that’s one thing I’m going to do.. Either build a CV around my blog, or design the blog around my CV, I’m undecided at the minute.

Clare also told us all that it is important for us to keep hammering the use of Twitter and other social networking platforms as there is so many people in industry using these networks who are willing to listen and talk to us! I’m always tweeting away as it is, but I need to look at tweeting away with people in industry instead of going on about football all the time! :P

Today’s session was very useful and I will take away with me many pointers and put them into practice for sure. What Clare was telling us, was stuff which will help us out a lot when it comes to Work Placements, Job Interviews, CV’s, Networking etc, so I’m very grateful of that!