Work Based Learning: UPDATE

Just watch the video I guess… :p


Now if you have… you will see that I am displaying all my WBL projects in my A5 Notebook. I’m about half way through this file now with a couple more projects to write up about. Not only will I be submitting this book, but I am also regularly adding to my Log File in which I write about certain tasks I have done, how long I spent on them, a short evaluation plus a few paragraphs explaining what new skills I have leant; it looks a little like this…

I am confident that my WBL files will be completed to a high standard and that I can get a good grade in this module. I have set my self some high targets this year and I’ve hit them all except one. With only 2 weeks left to go, it’s vital I keep working at the pace I am (which is quick, if you haven’t already guessed) ;)