Work Based Learning; SWOT Analysis

As I enter the last week of my course, I am juggling three modules at once. Work Based Learning, PPD & Scripting and Programming. As I have JUST completed my Work Based Learning, I shall carry out a SWOT analysis. I have thoroughly enjoyed this module although it has taken me like ALLLL easter to complete the file. Probably because I decided to write by hand and then play cut & stick. It’s all fun and games but anyways, here’s my SWOT:


  • A major strength for me within this module was the fact that I have taken on a lot of freelance work this year to get a lot more experience with working with clients.
  • I have a good work ethic, therefore being able to complete a lot of work at once.
  • Good time management so that I can complete personal projects along with my college work. Balancing the two is quite difficult, but I’ve really put my mind to it this year, and it’s worked out for me.
  • A strength I have possessed all year is the determination to do well in everything I do. So in regards to WBL, I have put my full effort in it and strongly believe I have a good file to submit.


  • One weakness that I have discovered is that I sometimes become naive and start to take on projects that are out of my reach. I think I need to slow down and assess the situation before I commit to anything.
  • Leaving things till late when I’m under pressure. Whenever I feel pressure I tend to put things off for a little while to get my head straight. However, I wouldn’t see it as a threat because I can always find a way round it and get my time management back on track.


  • I could have balanced my projects a little better this year if I’m brutally honest. I have done well, but there is always room for improvement. This is my second year at this now so I do believe it comes with experience.
  • There was every chance to start my WBL a lot earlier. Some of the projects that I have done this year wear back in early 2014 or even late 2013. I think if I were to document my work at the time I was doing it, it would have been a lot more detailed. As you know, it can be quite difficult at times when your trying to remember what you’ve done a few months ago.


  • Looking at the scheme of work, if I was to miss any of the tasks given, I could seriously put myself in danger in regards to submission. I am happy to say that I have finished in time and that I have got everything done, but it has been a close one therefore a threat to my studies.
  • If ever I was ill or missed Work Based sessions, I could be at a disadvantage as I would not have received the first hand experience.