Work Based Learning; Module Reflection

For a while now, I have been getting on with my Work Based Learning module. This module is specifically directed at myself so it is important for me to show how I worked through my personal projects. This module was designed to give me the opportunity of generating evidence of my professional approach to employability. The work that I have produced in this module has been generate from the work placement I went on in March, many live briefs given to me in class, and a few freelance projects.

For WBL, I filled an A5 book which was my Work Based File; the file included a record of all aspects of my experiences this year. Sketch work as well as evidence of notes on advice from my peers. I have documented everything I have learnt and the experience I have gained as well as including many to do lists. I have also produced a time-based file in which I have talked about the projects in a lot more detail and it shows how long I have spent on my projects. In total, WBL is meant to be around 200 hours, so it was a good way of showing that I have taken responsibility for my time management.

I am, again, confident of a good grade because I know myself that I have done a lot of work for this. I have this determination and willingness to do better in everything I do, and throughout my work based file, I believe you’ll be able to tell this is the case. I am extremely proud of the amount I have done and the effort put into my work. So yeah, fingers crossed again that I get the result I am hoping for!