Weekly Targets

31st January… what? already? you having a laugh?

As the curtains close on the first month of 2014, the curtains open to a new module a college. This time round it’s ‘Alternative Techniques’. The brief is to take an existing website and re-design & develop it so that it is responsive. You can see my post about responsive design HERE. Status Digital of Newcastle upon Tyne have kindly set us this brief and I’m really looking forward to it.

Not only does this module allow me to make my first responsive website, I also have the chance to get familiar with HTML & CSS again. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at it I must say, but last time round I enjoyed it and got to grips with it so all being well, this will be a vey successful project! I’ve been reading up on my HTML & CSS book that I bought last year to remind myself of the basics, but I will most definitely be doing so further reading to help me along the way!

It’s been a pretty decent week at College this week! I enjoyed the introduction to the module and I’m certainly looking forward to cracking on with things. Wednesday was a quality day when Stuart Marlow came in to give us an insight into Status and also an overview to what he wants from us for the project.

Today, Gemma took us through a HTML Encoding Exercise to refresh are memories a bit and get comfortable with the code. There was a bit of a twist to it though as we were made to write it all in TextEdit instead of Dreamweaver/Coda. The difficult part about this was that there was no automatic functions going on such as indentation, colours, self-closing tags; we had to really think about what we were writing and it made us appreciate SUCH AMAZING coding programs! :P

Got a few plans made for the weekend but I will be trying to fit in some College work around my social life. Now’s the time in which I must apply myself properly; there is a lot of work coming in thick and fast, it’s scary to think I will be finished College mid April. No time for mucking about and being lazy, it’s head down and work! End of.

SMART Targets for next week:

  1. Continue on with research part of Alternative Techniques module. Got to finish off Frameworks & Breakpoints research by Tuesday 4th February.
  2. Read my HTML & CSS book over the weekend to extend and further my knowledge. It’s been a while since I’ve been coding, so a refresher doesn’t do no harm.
  3. BACK BLOG! I have many posts that I need to type up and get published. Some as late as November 2013…. Oooops! Well at least I have them all written down and I can tick them off one by one; there’s only abut 10 in total. Have this completed by Friday 7th February.
Cheers! KB