Weekly Targets

Not much to report on this week from College apart from the nPower competition and Hedgehog Lab presentation. I’ve already published two posts about these so if you have missed them, scroll down and have a read! :)

Today was all about carrying on with the planning process for the nPower App. What I got done today was; a detailed workflow, and four annotated wireframes. There seems to be a huge interest in designing quickly throughout the class but I have decided to take an alternative route. That being one which I spend a lot of time planning out the App first and really getting used to how it would work before I start putting anything on screen. The reason for this is down to Ray from Hedgehog Lab, he said “You could give me your design on the back of a cigarette packet, as long as the planning etc was done in great detail”. I understand that we are only submitting designs for the competition but I feel that all this background work will come in handy and it is something I can show off to people.

Next Tuesday we will be making a start on the new module, Data Visualisation. I’m looking forward to this as it is something I haven’t done before so it should be a challenge; a challenge in which I will strive to do well in.

Oh, & on the freelance side of things; I’ve manage to pick up some work off a local Arts & Crafts company in Berwick upon Tweed. I have been asked to do a bit of branding work for them so I look forward to getting on with that and hopefully I’ll be able to produce some high quality work.

That’s it for now folks, so I’ll leave myself with some SMART targets for next week:

  1. Continue with wireframes for nPower App; look to complete by Friday 22nd November.
  2. Prepare for new module which starts on Tuesday 19th; Read up and do some research about Data Visualisation.
  3. Start work on branding for local company, Craft Corner; No real deadline, but would be ideal if if was out the way this time next week.