Weekly Targets

Well I mentioned in an earlier blog post that this week is Review Week which meant we wasn’t meant to be in College. But with the desire to catch up, I’ve came down today and was in on Tuesday as well. What I have mainly been doing is my Contextual Studies essay. I wanted to get this ticked off the list so that the remaining weeks can be spent focusing on the Responsive Design module. I’m pleased to tell you all that my essay is now complete and I shall be submitting it on Tuesday 25th February.

Apart from essay writing, it’s been a quiet week (literally). With the FE students on half term, and not many HE students coming into College because of Review Week, there’s been basically no one here! I like it that way though as it’s a much more relaxed environment and I’ve been able to just crack on with my work.

SMART Targets for next week:

  1. Print off my essay on Tuesday 25th so that I can be ready to hand in early for the Contextual Studies module.
  2. Get back into Coda and make more changes to my HTML & CSS for the Jon Watson Consulting website. I want to have it basically finished off by Friday 28th February.
  3. I have meeting with Climb on Wednesday afternoon, so prepare well and make sure I make a good impression on the guys over at Gateshead.
  4. Keep on back-blogging! There’s a handful of posts I still need to write up for PPD so I will look to get these done for Friday 28th.