Weekly Targets

Two weeks into the new module and I’m fair cracking on with it! I’m enjoying it a lot and I think that’s the main reason why I’ve got my head down and doing loads of work! All of my research is done, yes all of it! The HTML & CSS session on Tuesday with Libby was great! We were building the front-end of the home page on www.jonwatsonconsulting.co.uk. The reason we are building it from scratch is because it is on a responsive framework. The framework we are using is from Unsemantic! It’s starting to look quite nice. The image below shows how much I got done on Tuesday…

The front-end development that I have done so far...

Wednesday, my half day, was also quite good! Libby turned to our Contextual Studies module and delivered two lectures. One on Design Trends and one on Mobile Devices. Click to view my blog post that went over these two sessions! :)

& Finally today, Friday, I have been getting on with my Wireframes and some more documentation! I have really enjoyed today to be honest. I started off by doing quick sketches but then I stopped and thought… “Actually, I’m gonna go one better”. Look at these bad boys!!


Decided to mock up some interactive wireframes. The reason being so that it helps understand the user experience side of things as well as determine layouts and functionality of the responsive website. I thought this would be a better way of showing it, and also they look quality so why not? Haha

SMART Targets for next week:

  1. Continue on with Wireframes. Sketch up some more ideas and think about how the users would use the website if they were on their mobile device / tablet. Have these completed over the weekend 7th – 9th February.
  2. Try and get some more HTML & CSS done on the home page of the Jon Watson Consulting website. If I do this, I will be at an advantage come Tuesday morning when we get back onto Dreamweaver! Look to do this by Tuesday 11th February.
  3. Keep on reading my HTML & CSS book to help me get back to grips with the language. I’ve done well this week but I think I can expand on it. Therefore my confidence will get better when I’m writing the code. Read at least 20+ pages by Friday 14th February.

Have a good weekend! Cheers :)