Weekly Review

Phew! That’s the Alternative Techniques module handed in! Been a good day today, came into college nice and early and just worked non-stop till around 1pm when I handed in. I had a few mishaps with my code early on and I was getting a little frustrated but luckily I had another version saved without any errors so it was all good in the end (I think I went 10 minutes with a series of effing and blinding; I was so stressed!

Anyways, now that’s out of the way it’s time to crack on with nPower stuff and Work Based Learning tasks. It’s important I get together my WBL file now as I only have 5 weeks of actual lesson time left on the course. It’s all coming at me at once… the joys! Love education me like!

Some more good news… I’ve been in touch with Climb Creative after my recent interview about a placement and they have offered me a position! WOOO! I’m starting off with three trial days to see how I get on, and they are on the 27th & 31st March as well as April 3rd. Hopefully it goes well for me and I can make an impact straight away! I’ll be blogging about my time at Climb to keep you guys in the know, and share what I have been up to!

SMART Targets for next week:

  1. It’s assessment week next week but I will be coming into College to complete nPower brief. I want to have this done by Friday 14th March.
  2. Continue on with Codecademy work. Try and complete at least two more lessons by Friday 14th.
  3. Make a start on planning process for Neon Legal brief. I will be looking to start this when my nPower work is complete. It could well be Friday but if not, ASAP!
  4. Sign up to D&AD as soon as possible so that I am prepared for handing in the nPower work on the 19th March. Sign up to D&AD by Tuesday 11th March.

Cheers, Keez! :)