Weekly Review

As another term comes close to an end, as usual, the amount of work in the last week starts to look like a mountain. Saying that, I’m starting to manage my time a lot better, therefore being able to get things ticked off the list quicker. This week has been very busy, but I’ve got my head down and got on with it. And as it stands I’m immensely proud of my work that I have produced so far. The last time I posted on here, I was in the mix of finishing off all of my assets… Now, I’m basically finished my parallax website!! After reading up on areas which I wasn’t to familiar with, I have gained a lot of skills over the past two weeks. JavaScript, CSS3 Animation, jQuery are some of the skills that I have adopted in my way to creating this website. It seemed very hard at first and very challenging but in the past fortnight, I’ve been able to learn a lot and find out things for myself instead of asking for help like I would of done in the past.

The hand in date for this module is next Thursday 28th March at 3pm. What I have left to do in this module is my development, this consists of commenting on the code, a development File or Film which details the decisions made and showing my understanding of the techniques I have been shown. Cross Browser Testing and an Evaluation. I’m confident that I can get this done for next week although I will be writing my Evaluation on Thursday morning with my tutor.

On this day, I will also be handing in my Sequential Imaging module, this module is now finished, and all I am required to do now is, print, bound and hand in. This was the module which was all about the creation of my assets and the planning that went behind it. Ideas and concepts behind my website were also included in this module.

Looking at my Work Based Learning; I have made contact with my client and will be meeting him in the next two weeks as he is coming up to Berwick to see my family anyways. In this meeting, I will have a set of questions ready to ask him so I can get the proposal written. Once I have written the proposal, I will hand it in to my tutor so it can be checked. By doing this, I can be made aware of any changes that need to be made in the proposal.

Will be on here during the week folks, have a good weekend!

Cheers! :)