Weekly Review

Another week over and done with, not long now! 35 days to be precise. That’s actually quite scary considering I’m only scheduled in at College 9 out of those 35….HOLY CRAP.

Tuesday was the start of my new module ‘Scripting & Programming’, and it’s all about WordPress & Child themes! You can read about my module introduction here to see what it’s all about and what I will be doing for the next 4 weeks. Quite exciting and I’m looking forward to it. Last module on the course as well, so it is important I give it my best shot and go for the highest mark I can possibly achieve.

Wednesday was all about polishing off my D&AD work and getting that handed in. I did so successfully after a few stressful hours but I’m really pleased to get that out the way. It wasn’t a distraction to my college work, but it has dented my time management plans as I have had to find time that I haven’t really got to finish things off. If I get my head down though and focus 100% from now until the final whistle, I’ll be perfectly fine.

& now onto today. Today was all about getting on with our Work Based Learning stuff and getting this monster of a file together. The most recent of projects that I am working on is the Neon Legal brief in which I have to re-design their website. All planning and design work will go into my file where as seeing as I am involved in the programming module, my development will be part of that. Also today, I have been making a start to the build of my own portfolio website. I designed this last week and looking to launch it by the time April 25th comes around. Ideally, I would like it to be up before I finish, but then again, there is a lot work to do in the mean time. I’m happy with the progress I have made this week, so more of the same for the next four would be perfect.

Oh… on another note, I also start my work placement next week at Climb on Thursday 27th… Another great prospect to look forward too! :D

SMART Targets for next week:

  1. Finish all of the planning stage for Neon Legal website by 26th March.
  2. Continue on with Work Based Learning file. Not exact dates necessary for this target.
  3. Build more of my portfolio website and look to have sections two and three completed by 28th March.
  4. Experiment with CSS in regards to the twenty fourteen-child theme on WordPress by Tuesday 25th March.

Thanks guys! :)