Weekly Review

Well that’s assessment week out the way now and I’m back at College this coming Tuesday. I have been pretty much working on my nPower App and trying to get that complete. As it stands, I’ve only two pages left to do so they should be done by the end of today; target number one out of the way! The App is looking nice at the moment and I am very happy with the progress I have made. I quite like doing App design, it’s something which I can really put my mind to and produce decent design work.

What else I must focus on now though is the Neon Legal website. By Tuesday, I have to be prepared with a layout so that I can get started in WordPress for the new module. I don’t have to have any visuals, but a good idea of how I am going to layout the site. Well, luckily for me, I do have a layout in mind. I shall be sketching it out on paper so that I know myself what is going on.

What I am going to say now has been said many ‘o’ times recently but its the truth. I only have 5 weeks left on this course (2 of them being Easter Holidays), so it’s time to crack on. I’m on course for doing well, I just need to ensure that I stay on this track and don’t let my standard of work slip!

SMART Targets for next week:

  • Produce a layout for the Neon Legal Website so that I am prepared for the start of the new module on Tuesday 18th.
  • Submit nPower work to D&AD on Wednesday the 19th. I shall post up my work on Monday 17th to show you all!
  • Download MAMP to my Mac laptop as it is essential for the next module. Have this done by Tuesday 18th.
  • Email Rhiann Terrace my Look Book information. The Email said I have to send this across no later than Friday 21st. I’ll probably do it with the rest of my class on Tuesday morning.