Today we welcomed Andi Farr…

Good Morning!

Andi Farr is a Freelance Web Designer / Front-end Developer / Graphic Designer… “Take your pick” as he would say. Andi came into class this morning to give us a presentation about himself and what he does, and also distributed expert advice to us as trainees.

One of the first things that Andi mentioned in this morning’s talk was that ‘Personal = Professional’. What he meant by this was that to be professional in your work as web designer, you’ve got to be just as personal. Although this was a small phrase, it really means a lot to me. I feel that to be successful in this industry, it is vital that you are yourself and you really show off the skills that you possess.

Andi Farr has both his blog and portfolio set up online. His blog being and his portfolio being Although each one is very basic, his personality really shines through and it is no surprise to the amount of work he receives! His main piece of advice to us regarding portfolios was to keep them brief; show off your best stuff and show what you are capable of. Andi made a Poker app on the side for him and a group of friends. The initial thought behind this wasn’t serious at all, it was just a little something that would help inexperienced poker players. But from this, he received a few E-mails praising his work and he managed to get to some work from this agency. So to summarise, he told us to “keep putting stuff out there, you never know what can happen”.

As a freelancer, referrals mean a lot to Andi. It is important to him that people are talking about his work. He told us that this is where most of the freelance work you get is through referrals. Twitter was also a huge factor as part of his freelance work; when he first moved to Newcastle, he describe himself as ‘lucky’. And this was because he got his first project all through Twitter. By following different agencies, and people within those agencies, he was able to get in touch with them and simply ask the question.

But what is it that I have got from this presentation?..

  • After listening to Andi, I may consider looking to take on Freelance work in the near future. Whilst I’m at college, it would be fantastic to pick up some projects along the way.
  • My thoughts on Twitter have really went up a level. After realising the amount of opportunities out there for Web Design work, I feel that it is important for me to get my name out there in the industry and get people to know my current status.
  • One final thing that I have got out of this presentation was a piece of advice Andi gae us at the end. He encouraged us to get ourselves along to events that are on in and around the city. There are so many people out there waiting for people like me, willing to point me in the right direction, so I may consider looking at what’s on in the next few months.

So what do I now? What are my goals?

  • Consider taking on some freelance work during my time here at Newcastle College.
  • Look up forthcoming events in Newcastle regarding Web Design.
  • Put my name out there on Twitter so that local agencies can get to know who I am and what I’m doing.

In a bit :)