& the half time whistle goes…

That’s me half way through my second module at College now, so let’s see where I’m up to shall we :)

Initial ideas surrounding my design for Newcastle College Creative Industries website.

Above shows a screenshot of my most recent work that I have been doing in class the past two weeks. Now that I have completed the research side of things for this module, I’m onto the development process. In my research, I discovered that my website was to include vibrant colours against a dark background. As you can see, in the image above, I have been experimenting with these types of colours and coming up with a few design ideas. I’m liking the look of things just now & after a slow start, I’m getting somewhere now which I am really happy about. I still have a few weeks left on this so hopefully by the end of the project, I have a smashing design!

Things to consider?

  • Generate more ideas so that I have a range of options to analyse
  • Look at using different fonts to ensure usability is enforced
  • Get a couple of class mates to review my work so that I can get feedback from a different point of view
  • Oh and one last thing.. KEEP BLOGGING!