SMART Targets

Below are my SMART Targets for the week commencing 15th April 2013.

I have decided to write this blog post now as I will be away in the first week of the holidays and I may as well get writing now before I forget. So when I’m able to look back at my blog, I will know what I have to do for when I come back to College on the 18th! :)

1. Get some blog posts written before I come back to College on the 18th April. The reason for this as it will count towards my PPD module. I will be looking at writing a couple of posts either work related on Web Design related.

2. Get in contact with my client during the second week of the holidays so that I can arrange a meeting with him. In this meeting I will hopefully be presenting my finished project proposal.

3. Start to write up my research for the Work Based Learning module. The quicker I get my head down and start this module, the more time I will have at the end to focus on PPD. I will look to start my research on Monday 15th so that I can show my work to my tutor on my first day back.

4. Enjoy Amsterdam.

Cheers, Kieran.