Self Branding

Self Branding is important for each and every one of us because first impressions are everything. You gain recognition and people will remember you if you have the ability to brand yourself positively. Also, you stand out compared to others and you have a huge chance of getting that job!

We were looking more at logo’s today and how they differ in terms of design. We reviewed the trends of last year and looked at what big companies were doing when it came to logo creation and branding. It’s important to consider colours and typography as these are the main aspects which people will remember when they look at your logo.

Throughout today’s session I have been asked to carry out a few tasks and the first of those being creating a brainstorm. I had to write as many words as I can that describe myself in a positive manner. Below shows a picture of my brainstorm that I produced…


The second task we were assigned was to play word association with three headings; Service, Style, Me. Under each heading I had to write about five words which describes the type of service I wish to provide, my design and style and referring to my brainstorm, words that describe me as a person. Below shows a picture of the words which I came up with. The arrows on the picture show links between three words which could be used for a strap line. Beneath that, you can see I have chosen four strap lines. The one which I prefer would be; Professional, Clean & Inventive.

Word Association

I found this session extremely helpful and found many new ways to think more about yourself when it comes to branding. I believe it’s very easy just to big yourself up and write down a whole load of words but producing brainstorms and using word association methods, it’s a nice way of coming up with ideas for your logo/brand.

NOTE: I already have a logo in place for myself, but even so, today’s session has made me think a lot more and I may look to change this very soon. I do like what I have in place but I feel that if I put more thought into it, I could develop it further and create a memorable logo/brand.