Self Branding – UPDATE

Just before Christmas, I talked about Self Branding and I mentioned at the foot of the post that I would end up changing my brand… Well guess what? That’s exactly what I’ve done Ha! If you missed the last post about branding, you can read it here.

My new branding is pretty similar, just a bit more advanced in my opinion. Below shows an image of my new logo along with some Social Network imagery too. I will go on to explain my decision making when I was creating this new brand for myself.

When I was looking at my previous logo, I though that it just looked a bit ‘Greyscale’, and I wanted to bring some more life into it, more colour. I experimented with a few colours and came to the conclusion that the single addition of a light blue worked best and it looks very professional.

The second version of my logo with the 3D graphic in the top corner was basically me messing about and seeing if I could get away with having some sort of feature which becomes recognisable to me. I think it actually works well and it has the potential to feature on such things like; letterheads, invoices, business cards etc.

On Facebook, I have set up my own personal KB Designs page which you can access here. Now on a Facebook profile you have the ability to set cover photos which act like images on the head of any page. I have decided to design my own in which people can see my brand as well as brief contact details when they first land on my Facebook page.

Onto Twitter now, and a cool feature that they have is custom backgrounds. You can design your own so that when people again, view your profile, they see the image that you have set on your background. As all data is displayed on the right hand side on Twitter, I have put my branding and strapline on the left so that users see it constantly when they are on my Twitter.

I am very happy with my new logo and branding! I believe it looks a lot stronger than my previous versions and can set me away in the near future! :) Happy days!