Scripting & Programming; SWOT Analysis

Similar to Work Based Learning, this is another module of which is ending in a few days time so it is crucial that I carry out a SWOT analysis. This will help me to discover what has went well for me in this module as well as what hasn’t been so good. By reviewing the SWOT analysis, I could counter weaknesses in future projects.


  • A strength that I have had within this module is good motivation to learn new skills so I have continuously been working hard. I have a good knowledge within CSS so it has been good for me overriding styles.
  • I believe that when carrying out the testing processes, I am very detailed in the work I produce. This allows me to show a good insight to what the website will look like once it’s online.


  • A weakness of mine is that fact that I have never had experience within pHp. It’s very new to me so it has been tricky learning the code etc. Having said that, I have learnt the basics pretty quickly.
  • Also, I am inexperienced within WordPress. Now this blog is powered by WordPress but I only ever work from the Dashboard, so again it’s a new challenge for me working with Child Themes, pHp file etc.


  • The first opportunity for me would be that I could learn more about pHp. By the looks of it, I would prefer a job in front-end dev, so learning some more about pHp would put me at an advantage. I would most likely buy a book to do some further reading on have a go at some online tutorials.
  • The second one arises from my weaknesses as well in which I must get more familiar with WordPress. This content management system is very powerful and can be used for a lot of good websites. I believe in the future I will be using WordPress again so it’s important to learn more about it.


  • If I miss a session with regards to this module, I will fall behind and find it very difficult to catch up again. It’s a fast moving module so it’s crucial that I attend each session.
  • If my network is down or my MAMP servers aren’t working properly, it will be hard for me to work locally. I need these servers to be reliable for me to work on the Neon Legal Website.