Scripting & Programming; Module Reflection

As I neared the end of the course, I started the optional module which was a choice between designing a portfolio website or building the Neon Legal site using WordPress. Because of my skill set levels, I wanted to explore WordPress and get used to using this. The brief was to look at using the WordPress CMS and look at some elements of the javascript framework, jQuery.

The design I used for building the sit was the design I mocked up for the Neon Legal competition brief. This was the very first time I actually used a Content Management System to build a website so it was all a new experience for me, but one that I enjoyed! It was great learning new skills about pHp and the CMS itself. I have learnt how to use plugins correctly and figure out best ways to display content.

My work hasn’t been marked as of yet as the hand in was on April 25th, but I am confident of a good result as I have put all my effort into this. I really want to learn WordPress so it was important to me that I spent a lot of time understanding how to use it. Fingers crossed that my work is good enough to reach that magic 70% grade!