Placement Breakdown!

Last week, I was sent an E-mail from a guy called Stuart Marlow, and it turns out that he is the Design Director at Status Digital (Web Design Agency in Newcastle).

The E-mail went along the lines of “Hi Kieran, I’ve been given your name by Libby at Newcastle College as we’re offering a summer placement in a front-end developer/designer role here at Status. I’ve had a look at your blog and would be really interested to meet you and discuss whether you’d be interested to come in for a couple weeks.”

Now, this opportunity was fantastic and I saw it as a real chance to gain some valuable experience whilst on my holidays… However, due to work commitments I was, therefore, unable to get the time off as it was too short notice to my employers! :(

It’s left a sour taste in my mouth for sure but I would really like to get in touch with Stuart again and hopefully I can get to meet him and see what Status is all about! :)