nPower Competition

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Seeing as this week is ‘Experience of Work Week’, we are not starting our new module until next Tuesday. What we are doing instead is a live competition brief for nPower. The brief was published on DandAD and is for students across the world. One of the reasons why our tutor has put us (the class) forward to do it, is because of the cash incentive that comes with it for UK students.

Potentially, one person of the course could win £10,000! And I say potentially because it is just what we have been doing; Designing an App. Libby stated that she doesn’t know of any other course in the UK that teach what we just done last time round so we are at a major advantage.

At the minute, we are together in one big group carrying out the planning process so that it makes it easier for us as individuals when we design the App. Because this is a brief which is not submitted to the college, the designs will have to be completed in my spare time; the deadline is March 2014 so I have plenty of time which is a good thing!

I shall update the progress made on Friday afternoon where I will be able to explain in much more detail what I have been doing such as User Personas, Wireframes etc.