New Module Wooo! (Actually wait there…)

Well it’s the start of a new module this week, and this time were onto Data Visualisation! After reading through the module guide with my tutor, I understand that it links in with a D&AD competition brief for the BBC so that sounds well cool! Although there is one problem… THE MODULE GUIDE DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! Ahhhhhh! I think it’s gonna take a good week or so before I fully understand what’s going on. I’m going to talk amongst my peers and try get my head round what’s being asked of us :)

I do believe once I break down the module guide and go through each learning outcome separately,  I will go on to enjoy this module a lot as it’s quite new to me and I feel it will be a huge challenge. Modules to date at College have been very precise and very clear, with regards to the final piece, but this time it’s more focused around the research and the thought processes.

At the end of the day, if I can come out of this module with a good grade, I will be extremely happy! Also, like mentioned earlier, this is part of the D&AD Awards so it is another chance to have a pop at a competition!