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This morning, Tushar & Simone from Neon Legal came into College to speak to us about the upcoming brief. As part of the next module at College, we have been asked to redesign Neon Legal’s website and there will be Winners & Runners Up prizes up for grabs. I very much enjoyed this morning’s talk and I have written soooooo many notes! This blog post will include a bit of background behind Neon and what they do as well as my notes with regards to the website.


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“Unlike most law firms in the UK, we specialise solely in pensions law and operate with the purpose of providing a legal service where our advisers:

  • Are experts in pensions law and use their experience to provide clear advice to you rather than simply a technical or legal analysis
  • Resolve any pension issues that arise in a pragmatic way
  • are cost effective and flexible with their fee arrangements
  • Use plain English even on complex matters
  • Will work with you to create a long term and collaborative partnership
  • Will invest the time and effort to know you and your scheme without cost to you

We have invested in state of the art specialist pensions IT systems and training programmes for our lawyers all centered on the delivery of pensions law advice.

Our low cost base together with our extensive experience of pensions means that we can provide you with a service and value for money that is unmatched by any other pensions team in the UK.”

Neon Legal are a small niche practice that specialise in the technical area of law; pensions. They mostly deal with small pension schemes that are worth around £5m on average. Neon’s competitors come from very large firms in the UK and across the globe; for example, firms in London that employ over 800 staff as apposed to Neon, who have 5 on board. The differences in their marketing budgets are huge and the size comparison in offices is massive!

Although Neon Legal come across as a tiny firm, they are 2ND BEST FOR PENSIONS! They involve and engage corporate users and they have dealt which huge authorities such as sport firm, Adidas. Neon deliberately decided not to be a corporate style firm because they see it as pointless if they are trying to be something they’re actually not. This is half the reason that the word ‘Neon’ is used for this firm; they want to be different and want to stand out. Neon Legal are fairly relaxed about the work they do but the quality of work they carry out is great.


The current website which Neon Legal possess right now was designed and developed by a local agency called ‘Urban River‘. The problem with the current website is that all the decision were made by committee, and what that means is that all five board members had a say to what went on website. And to be brutally honest, the overall outcome and appearance was not what they expected. They want to be qwerky, but corporate at the same time!

What does Tushar like when it comes to web design? To summarise, Tushar is one for white space, he likes the site to be clean and modern. An important point the he made was that he wants his users to get a sense of reassurance when they visit and that they don’t have to “throw the kitchen sink” at the home page to find out basic information. The website is more and more becoming an important part of the business, and it is especially vital that they attract clients.

Branding… Neon Doughnut – Relaxed about changes, he would rather evolution rather than revolution.
Spirograph doesn’t print that well so we have to be careful. The word legal could be moved.

Colour Scheme… Nobody likes the brown! They hate the brown! Look to change this to suit the needs of Neon Legal.
They do like the Magenta-like color though for the Neon part. They want to keep this as it keeps the firm unique. Most corporate colours tend to be blues.

Call to Action… Change completely! Not many like it, it doesn’t give off the correct message and people don’t really know they’re clickable.

Strap Line… At the minute, the strap line changes every time you visit the website. I think they would rather one main message so that users don’t take it the wrong way. Decision yet to be made of final strap line.

Contact Details… Tushar emphasised the importance for the contact details to be on home page. People need to see a phone number straight away so that they can get in touch with ease.

What are the main goals or the website? Tushar defined his answer into two different topics; Differentiation & Reassurance.

What he meant by differentiation is that they are different when it comes to price although they don’t want to say that. Clients usually love the fixed fees that are offered from Neon Legal. Usability was another word that he used when it came to differentiation. They do not hit you with the hardcore paperwork up front, they do all that behind the scenes and would rather take a different approach.

Reassurance is very important to Neon Legal. They want to attract clients and then keep a hold of them. It’s important that the website is user friendly and reminds the viewers that they are in safe hands without actually saying it.


I’m very looking forward to this project! The opportunity is immense and to be able to work on a redesign of a website for a well known legal practice is a great honour. Even if I do not come close to a winners or runners up prize, I will gain so much experience. The experience started this morning and I am confident it will be a good one throughout the duration of this brief!

Cheers :)