Mini Review of Design Work (So Far)

Looking at the design work that I have complete up until now, I am extremely pleased with the outcomes. Things are starting to take shape and come together nicely within my App. I have made some good progress throughout this module so far and will continue to do so for the remaining two weeks. I have included a small slide show beneath which include the screens that I have designed so far; I still have two screens left to finish and they are ‘Find a League’ & ‘Match Day’.

One thing which pleases me most is my App name & App icon! They may come across very simple, but I guess that’s the whole point when we look at iOS 7 now, everything is just clear and simple. I created the icon in Illustrator and it has helped me develop a colour scheme within my App as originally, I never really had one!

Once I finish off my final two screens, I will be doing a FULL review of my work and explaining what went well, and what didn’t go so well etc. I will state what features I’m happy with most and also look at what I could have done to improve my designs. But for now…Enjoy the slide show! :)