Logo Inspiration

As part of the branding session, I am going to look at coming up with a new logo for myself; something which really shows off me as a person. Before I get into any design work etc, I have had a look at a few logos already to help inspire ideas. Beneath each logo is a explanation of why I have chosen each specific one and what I like about them.


Swan Songs

The first logo I have picked is ‘Swan Songs’. I have picked this one as it inspires me quite a lot. First of all, when you take a quick look at the logo, you automatically think of the Treble Clef musical symbol; don’t you? Well I did anyways… But then you see that the company are called ‘Swan Songs’, and cleverly so, the designer has incorporated the body and head of a swan to fit into the symbol. I think this is fantastic and I am very inspired when
I see two things rolled into one.



When scrolling through a whole load of logos, this one stood out for me. It’s so simple but very, very clever. The company Killed have designed there logo so that the letter ‘i’ is lying down to represent a dead person. The tip of the ‘i’ being the head and the longer bit, the body. Even though one letter alone is different, it is still very clear to understand what the company are called. I really appreciate this kind of creativeness, it’s something which very few people would have thought of yet it’s so basic.

Coffee Cup…

Coffee Cup

Well, if you thought that ‘Killed’ was a great logo, take a look at this one from ‘Coffee Cup’. This is brilliant. As you can clearly see, they have used the steam off the coffee to create the two f’s in the word ‘Coffee’. Now just as I inserted the image into this post I noticed that the cup wasn’t just a cup. The word cup actually makes up the cup (a lot of cups there, jeeeeez!). The C represents the top, the U being the body and the handle of the cup has been made to look like the letter P! How cool is that? This is my favourite so far and the integration of text and graphics is something I want to take into consideration when creating my logo.

Horror Films…

Horror Films

This is a cool and quirky logo! Horror Films have went for the more subtle look as well as putting two things into one. First you can see the scary ghost face to represent the horror factor of this logo and then secondly if you focus properly, you will notice that it is also representing the shape of a film  reel. Very simple, but nice.


When I come to creating my logo, I want to take away some inspiration from my research and look to integrate text as well as graphics. It looks really cool I think and I feel that I come up with something pretty good!