Job Opportunities

Well its April 14th, and I’ve only got 11 days till I finish the course completely! THATS SO SCARY!

On a serious note, it’s important that I start looking at some job opportunities in and around the area, if not surrounding areas. I have been in contact with many agencies this year in Newcastle and I believe I’ve carried out my networking processes much better than last year. We were always told that this was important, and my tutor was right! It’s extremely important. Jobs, especially design jobs, don’t come round that often, it seems to be that everyone is crying out for developers. In my case, I’m looking for some front-end work because that’s where my favouritism lies, and also a front-end dev will work with the designers some times.

Anyways, before I talk for too long, I have looked at some opportunities in Newcastle and Edinburgh because they are the two most likely places i’ll be looking at. Berwick upon Tweed do have a few web agencies, but I believe that with the knowledge I have gained in the last two years, my skills go beyond the type of work that they are doing. (Hopefully that doesn’t sound too big headed)


The first job that I found was on the ‘Indeed’ website and I simply typed in Web Developer in Edinburgh, and as expected a whole load of results popped up. One which caught the eye was this job of a Web Designer / Developer at a company called Tribalogic. I have included an image of the job description, and from that you will be able to see that this seems a good match for me. They basically want a front-end dev who has good knowledge of HTML & CSS, with an understanding of jQuery & JavaScript. The description sounds fairly simple and it actually sounds like a great job to be in.

I have had a look at their website and what they do is basically build and then run booking & website platforms. So for example, Tribalogic built Chalmers Cottages website in which you can go on and visit, and then book your stay.


Now this is more like it!!! Exactly what I’m after. I saw this vacancy advertised on social networking site, Twitter, where the company tweeted out that they were on the lookout for a graduate front end developer. Well I’m graduating very soon, I like front-end dev. What could go wrong?

This job is from an agency in Newcastle called Status Digital, and I believe that you will be pretty familiar with this name as I have mentioned them in the past in a couple of blog posts. My tutor has a great connection with this agency so I think this one is very much worth applying for. Again, I have included an image of the job description, and again, it pairs up with me to perfection! :)

The required experience tells me that no working experience is necessary as this is a position for graduates only. The job requires you to demonstrate the production of both HTML & CSS (Of which I can do to a fairly decent standard), and knowledge within JS (Which I have).

I think this is an excellent opportunity of which that I may apply to. I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Any kind of work/placement/opportunity I get off the back off this course will be fantastic for me. I came to Newcastle College as a student who loved web, and now I’m within touching distance of being released into the world HTML & CSS. I’m graduating at the perfect time as today, web is exploding with new technologies and the need for developers is going up and up and up!

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t take too long for me to find a job within the industry I LOVE!