Info Graphic Critique

This morning, myself & those who attended the session got together and held a critique about our research work so far. For our research we are to create two info graphics; one based around the story and the other based around the user stories.

As I waited for my turn to stand up and talk to the group, I listened to a handful of great ideas and everyone seems to be on the right track. It’s quite fascinating how differently people have approached their own projects, bearing in mind, still nobody knows what their final piece is going to be.

*Kieran takes to the floor*

I explained my idea to the group and went into detail about what I have been looking at and how that will be displayed in my info graphic. I had a sketch of the idea I had in mind and it received great response. I’m pleased others liked what I was doing as it gives me more confidence to make this a really good piece of work. NOTE: If you don’t already know, my story is focused on ‘The Final Day’ of the Premier League season 2012/13, where Manchester City won the league in dramatic fashion. Libby (My tutor), was happy with where I was heading with my idea and thinks it works well and that a lot can be done with it which is always pleasing to hear.

I found this morning’s critique very helpful as I got the chance to see what everyone thought of my idea. It was also a great opportunity for me to give feedback to others accordingly. I will be publishing further posts about my info graphic work as and when it becomes necessary.

That’s it for now; I’m off to start getting on with my design work!!