Grassroots Presentation to Hedgehog Lab

This morning, I finally presented my App to Ray Clarke, the Creative Director from Hedgehog Lab. The presentation has been on hold for a couple of weeks, but today was d-day, I had to do that daunting task of standing up in front of an audience and pitch my idea. To be honest, I think it went extremely well and I’m very grateful for Ray coming in to give me feedback on my idea.

After a few technologic difficulties, and a 5 minute spell of shaking like a leaf, the presentation eventually came on-screen and off I went. I managed to get some notes written down before hand to prepare myself, but as per usual, they went straight out the window and my mouth just ran away. Saying that, I did manage to get my idea across in the right way and I think, (think anyways), that everyone understood it.

Feedback from Ray:

  • Look at the community side of things and how they could drive this App forward
  • External links to YouTube content for teams etc
  • Player statistics if it is to be more focused round the ‘Scouting’ point of view

All the feedback I got from Ray was very valuable and I have learnt a lot from it. The points made above were explained in great depth and I was told the benefits that my App would gain if I were to have such features included. For example, ‘External links to YouTube'; If this was to be included in GrassRoots, then scouts could look at player/team performances to keep track of progress being made.

I found today’s experience very helpful and I certainly found my feet once I was up there talking. I don’t mind presenting at all, it’s just the mere build-up before I actually get up there and do it that gets to me. Anyways, I’ll end it here and say that, in conclusion to this whole project, I am very, very happy with the work that I have produced and thank everyone for their constructive feedback.

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