Gavin Elliot

This morning, Gavin Elliot came in to College to talk to us a little bit about who he s and what he does. Gavin runs the well known Industry Conference that is held in Newcastle, he previously worked at DIBI too!

Gavin’s Background…

From 2003 to 2006, Gavin was part of the British Army and spent his time blowing things up. After coming out the Army, Gavin found his passion for Web Design & Development again! “As strange as it may sound”, that’s what happened. From 2006 to 2010, Gav worked in a few agencies and pushed himself right up to director level. In the year of 2010, Gavin started the DIBI Conference in the North-East. DIBI has been and still is very successful and a couple of students on this course got to go last year. He has been all over the place when it comes to location of work, ranging from Newcastle to New York! & Now, Gavin works in an agency based in Middlesborough doing primarily product work.


Gavin works for a company called Clicksco. They are a worldwide company with offices all over. Dubai, England, Pakistan, Ireland, New Zealand, India, you name it. They’re massive!! The whole company is made up of around 40 people. There are Designers, Developers, Front-End Devs, Back-End Devs, Project Managers etc. Actually, Gavin told us that he once gathered the amount of job titles one day that Clicksco had and it was something like 27 or 28! Which in fact could all be scaled down into Designers or Developers or even their first name!

The rest remains a long story but at the minute, he is working on a product called Travel Junction. What it is, is a Travel based website where you can book flights & hotels etc. It came across quite a complex product, and he said it is “pretty intense”, but it has been very successful. It was launched in January and for 24 hours, Travel Junction took over the YouTube domain name. This is turn received over 200,000 hits! Mental. One of Travel Junction’s main aim is to become the FIRST EVER mobile travel site. They have very little competition as the only similar ones out there are like price comparison etc.

Gavin told the group that doing product work is very different to working in an agency. All the work carried out at Clicksco isn’t client based, it’s essentially working for yourself in a way.


Travel Junction

Industry Conference…

The final topic that Gavin spoke to us about was the conference that he runs now, and that’s Industry Conference. He went over a brief introduction to what the conference is and then told us the profiles of each speaker that was attending. It seems pretty good to me and there is a lot of big names going! Gavin told us that there is a great chance he could get us free tickets to the event which is amazing. To attend conferences in the UK, the normal price is very, very expensive. So for an opportunity to pop up like this, it’s pretty amazing! He is currently negotiating with a sponsor to make this happen for us. The conference is held on 23rd April this year; now it is something which I am considering going to but there is a one thing which stands in the way… Our final hand in for the course is April 25th so it may become inconvenient. Like I say though, it is something which I really want to go to if possible.

Industry Conference

Getting into work…

Finally, Gav spoke to us about work placements. The company based in Teeside are more than willing to have students come in and shadow what they do. Gavin think it would be very beneficial for us to come and in and see what they’re all about. He also said we could go in for a week maybe and then that would help us develop a bette understanding as well as participate in some of the work they are currently working on! He emphasised the importance of Social Media and how we should approach it. There is so many opportunities for students out there so it’s all about getting our name out there and seeing what people want. If you go about it the right way, you will find success.