Evaluation: NCI404 Practice Enrichment

SWOT Analysis


  • Time management
  • Logo design
  • Range of ideas
  • Ability on WordPress
  • Organisation of work


  • Ability on Photoshop & Illustrator
  • First ‘real’ time using Apple Mac
  • Lack of design ideas
  • Procrastination; looking at Facebook or websites that are of interest to me


  • Possibility for expansion on site ideas
  • Go further in to detail regarding research
  • Participate in Photoshop/Illustrator workshops to better my knowledge in this area
  • Come into College other than my days that I’m scheduled
  • Use WordPress frequently to keep on top of possessed skill


  • Illness or injury that keeps me off College, therefore missing out on any delivery from my tutor
  • A limited amount of resources that stop me from working, i.e. No computers available
  • Network could be down meaning no access to online resources