Digital Skills Application Update

GOOD MORNING! & we’re live from M226!

Welcome back to my blog; here’s an update of where I am at this moment in time with regards to the module I am working on. I haven’t really got round to updating my progress in the holidays as I’ve been writing other posts and doing other work. Now thought, is a great time to share what I’ve done and what I have left to do.


DONE √ :) Both my info graphics are now complete and I shall be moving on to my final piece concept this week. During the Christmas holidays I only had my User Story info graphic to complete, I had done the majority of it, it was just a case of adding the peaks of social interaction onto each fan’s timeline. Overall, I’m extremely happy with both of my info graphics showing my specific news story. I feel they both their job well and match the description of what their purpose is.


20% DONE. What I define as 20% would be the idea stage of this piece. I have successfully came up with an idea and have lots of information written down about how it is going to work. The idea in mind is based around Google Glass and you will be able to find the Blog Post named ‘Final Concept Idea’ to read more about it. What I have to do now this week, and next week for that matter, is crack on with it and put together some design work which shows how the idea will work and also put together some sort of documentation alongside the design work. I will post further updates as and when they are necessary.


It’s time to get on with some work and really push till next Friday, which is the day for hand in.