Digital Skills Application; SWOT Analysis

Into the end of November now and I will do some SWOT analysis on the progress I have made so far on my Digital Skills Application module. Right now I am at the stage of designing my Info Graphic; I have collected all the relevant data and now it’s just about getting on with things. It has been a little bit of a struggle at the moment tho be honest but I’m positive I’ll get there in the end. So my SWOT analysis is as follows:


  • Able to work quickly to complete all tasks.
  • Have a good idea in mind for my info graphic.
  • Time management is going well; I have a little schedule of tasks needing to be done on certain dates etc.
  • Feedback from the group has been good and gave me extra confidence.


  • Not knowing what the final product is going to be makes the project, on a whole, much more difficult.
  • Blog pressure! I need to update my blog regularly so that I don’t have to worry about things.


  • Look at info graphics which are out there and get inspiration from them to make a cracking design.
  • I should collect more data so that there is a lot of information of my info graphics.
  • Put extra hours in after college to catch up on anything I have missed.


  • I’m basing it on football (again), this could become a threat as I have covered this topic before. But I guess it’s an area I’m interested in.
  • If I miss a session or miss a deadline, I will be behind with regards to the scheme of work.
  • Network down =  No access to online resources.