Digital Skills Application; Module Reflection

In the last week of November, we started the Digital Skills Application module. During this module I was asked to work towards an interactive date driven digital piece. I experimented with and applied new approaches to the production that was based on my skills that I have developed during my study. The brief was a competition brief from D&AD, and I had to come up with an info graphic that related to a news story from the BBC.

The story I chose, was the one in which Manchester City FC won the Barclays Premier League on the last day of the season… in the last minute! That day went down in sporting history and I thought that it was a great story to choose, given that football is my area of most interest. I created an info graphic of match winner Sergio Aguero; the way I displayed it was with coloured text to make up the picture. The unique thing about it though was the text was the actual commentary from that specific gam and the timeline of events was commentary based as well.

Now I set myself a target of reaching 70% in every module, but my formative grade dropped in this module by quite a bit. I received a formative grade of 61%; now that’s still not a bad mark as it falls within the Merit grade but there was so much room for improvement. My feedback basically said, great idea but not enough detail. And I have to agree with that to be honest because I know myself that I could have done a lot better. I knew I had a strong idea but what I found difficult was how to get it down on paper. Anyway, a slight blip but I look forward to improving through the year.