Digital Skills Application; HANDED IN!

Buzzing that I’ve just handed in my Digital Skills Application module!

That module was a tough one for sure but I’m glad I managed to get through it. Just shows you, when you put your mind to it, you can actually do it! It was very challenging from the word go but it’s all about thinking it out properly and ensuring you take your time planning; that way things will work out for you.

I believe my Info Graphics were strong in many ways and I also think my final piece idea was a good one. I know it was all based round sports, football especially! Haha. I guess that’s where my passion is though and with that on my side, I can produce examples of work to a sufficient level.

Anyways, I get a break next week as it is Assessment week, so I won’t be in College. Think I’ll chill out for a few days then I’ll be looking at my nPower brief that is part of my Work Based Learning. Happy Days eh!

Cheers :)