DIBI Live Auditions

Well, literally 10 minutes ago I finished my presentation of my DIBI Design to both George and Julie from Epic Times.

I was quite excited to show them my design as well as show the rest of the group. I felt like it went pretty well to be honest, I survived the scare of standing up & talking in front of the unknown! It was a quick 2 minute presentation in which I simply explained where I gathered inspiration from to come up with my idea.

I’m really thankful for George & Julie coming into the college today; they gave us a good insight to what the conference will be like. They also told us about a few events they have going on themselves as well which we can go along to if we like.

& finally, I’m looking forward to finding out the winner of this competition as whoever it is, wins a free, (A FREE!!) ticket to the DIBI Conference in October.

DIBI Design