D&AD Hand In

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have successfully handed in my D&AD project for nPower. The brief was to design an App for nPower customers and you can read a little bit about the brief here. Although everything is complete now, the term ‘handed in’ wasn’t as easy as it sounds. All morning there were problems with the D&AD website; their server was down for a good few hours, simply due to the amount of traffic the server was dealing with. They’ll say “Ah well it was hand in day and loads of people were using the site”, others will say “You should of had a designated server”

Anyways, after a lot of activity on Twitter, they updated all us frustrated ‘New Bloods” and eventually the problem was solved. £15 via PayPal and I was done. My designs and supporting documentations were sent up into cyber space waiting to be judged. No one, apart from D&AD themselves, will know how many contestants entered into this brief, but that hasn’t put me down at all. Our tutor has explained that we are the ones who know about App Design and the processes that come with it. Many may think that sticking a lovely Photoshop design on top of an iPhone makes it an App. Well that isn’t entirely the case; they may have the designs perfected but if there is no wireframes, workflow and in some cases, a working prototype, to show the functionality of the App then why should it be considered? The advantage I possess is that I have already designed an App this academic year and I know what’s needed to make it a good one.

Below I have inserted my designs so that you can all have a look and see what you think! I have recently been uploading my work to Social Networking sites such as Facebook / Twitter & Instagram, to ask for feedback on my work and to date, all comments have been exceptional. I take a lot of pride in my work and I am very happy with the outcome of this brief.

Now it’s a waiting game!