CV Development

When it comes to CV’s, the fact is that no-matter what you want to do or what you’ve trained as or even how good you are – your CV will be, without doubt, the single most important part of getting a job.

The question then is what makes a good Curriculum Vitae?

The essential thing when we are trying to create a good CV lies in its capacity to attract the recruiter’s attention in the shortest period of time, making him/her really want to meet you. You should sell yourself in the best manner so that the recruiter gets impressed just by having a brief look at your CV.

Within the industry that I will be graduating in, having a creative CV as well as a normal one is just as important. It’s nice to be able to work your magic on a creative CV and show off some design skills! Depending or what job that I will be applying for depends on the type of CV that I send. Both will have the relevant details on, only difference being is the display of those details.

I’m very happy with the CV’s that I have produced and strongly believe they will put me in a good position when it comes the recruitment process. Below I have inserted both my CV’s; a normal and professional CV and a creative CV. Hope you like them as much as I do! :)