Craig Tweedy; iOS Developer

This morning, Craig Tweedy from Hedgehog lab came in for a talk about App Development. Craig is the Lead Developer down at Generator Studios and has made the effort to come in and talk to us (1st & 2nd years) about all the different stages when developing an App. Now that we are all in the middle of designing our Apps, some of us are interested in the development side of things and wanting to know how stuff works.

Craig mainly builds Native Apps for iOS & Android, but also occasionally builds for cross-platforms. He explained that the job comes with many Pros & Cons but overall it sounds very, very interesting! The example that was shown on-screen was the App that Hedgehog Lab designed and built for Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals, in the code view, it basically looked chinese to me. I didn’t have a clue what was going on, but as Craig went on to talk about the code, it isn’t as frightening as it looks!

One thing that I specifically took note of was the method in which Craig works when building Apps; this is the ‘Agile Format’. Working in this way allows you to adapt to different scenarios when working on a project; for example, if you are working on something and then another problem pops up, you can see to that as well as continue working on what you were doing in the first place. Essentially, it’s allowing yourself not to rely on other tasks to be completed before starting something else.

Although I am looking to enhance design this year, I really wouldn’t mind having a shot at using X-Code!

I am very grateful for today’s talk from Craig and I learnt quite a lot from it; I always knew that it was a lengthy process, but I was unaware of the amount stages that needed to be carried out when it comes to building the App.

Craig Tweedy during this morning's talk.

Craig Tweedy; iOS Developer