Craft Corner

Well last week, a friend of mine in Berwick-upon-Tweed asked me if I would do some logo design for their small business. I agreed to this and was more than happy to help her as it would be beneficial to my studies as well as my experience.


Craft Corner is a small business in Berwick-upon-Tweed who makes quality handmade wooden gifts. Recently, they have started up a Facebook page and received so much recognition. After making a few small Christmas gifts, the business has taken off and they have been hit with orders left, right and centre. Their products range from new baby gifts to door plaques to Christmas decor to wedding favours. Every item is personalised especially for you!

With Joanne attending many Christmas fares and events, she thought that having business cards would come in handy. For this to work, she wanted some sort of logo for her business and here is what I came up with…

Craft Corner Logos

Click to enlarge.
These were the five best logos that I came up with for Craft Corner.

After reviewing the logos with Joannes, she came to a decisions and chose the one with the button (Bottom Left). She felt that this suited her business the most and really appreciated the clean and modern aspect of it. The logo has now appeared on her Facebook page and business cards are now getting made for Craft Corner.

I really enjoyed creating some logos last week, it took the confusion of the current module’s brief off my mind and I was able to please my client; which is always a good thing! Also, this work will be added to my Work Based file as a freelance project! All good I suppose :)

Craft Corner