Covering Letters

In job applications and interviews we all know that first impressions count. In many cases the cover letter really is the first impression, as it is the first thing an employer will read from an applicant – even before the CV.

It is important to write a cover letter specifically for every job application; this is your chance to attract the reader’s attention, leaving them keen to start reading your CV.

A common mistake is to draft a generic covering letter and use the document for all positions. Those jobs will be never be identical and your introduction to them shouldn’t be either.

Due to this post being associated with my career in Web, I have written two covering letters for two different job types within the industry. A general letter for Design orientated jobs, and a general letter for Development orientated Jobs. Now they may seem a bit similar, but I believe I have all the relevant content within the letters. Hopefully these will bring me some good fortune in the not-so-distant future! :)

On the left hand side of the image, you will see the template for jobs that are leaning towards development. And on the right, the template is for jobs that lean towards design jobs.

Thanks! :)

Covering Letters