Contextual Studies Update

Well it’s actually Review Week this week which means we aren’t meant to be in College but heres me sitting in front of my laptop in College writing a blog post. I’ve decided to come in this week and make use of the facilities and support for my essay that needs to be done for Contextual Studies. This post is basically to give you an update of where I am with it and what I shall be doing next in regards to this module.


Not that it’s a secret ^^ but hey ho! That’s me finished my draft essay and I have sent it off to both Libby & Gemma to check. It’s always important to do a first draft so that the experts can advise you to make amendments as well as point out mistakes within the punctuation. I think I’m on the right track with things and I have enjoyed writing it! My question for the essay is ** How has Mobile Technology changed the way Digital Designers currently work and what impact will future changes make on the industry? ** Good right? Well I think it is anyways :P

INBOX (1)…

When either Libby or Gemma get back to me after they have proof read my essay, I will be making the amendments straight away and getting this essay polished off. The hand in date for this module is 7th March. Now that is the same date for the Responsive Design module too, so what I’m thinking is that if I can get this essay out the way, I’m gonna hand in super-early so I can focus all my attention for the remaining weeks to the Responsive module :)

Thats the plan anyways… Hopefully it works! (Fingers Crossed)