Contextual Studies; SWOT Analysis

Middle of February and I’m just a little bit busy at the moment trying to juggle two modules at once. I am basically wanting to get this essay completed as soon as possible and I will be coming in extra days to get this ticked off the list so I can put my focus onto one module. At the minute though I want to carry out some SWOT Analysis:


  • Quite good at English Language, I got a good grade last year in this same module.
  • I have a good work ethic so I am confident this will be done in good time.
  • My research has been very good in the lead up to this essay, I have attended all Contextual Studies sessions.


  • Handling pressure can be a struggle for me at times; especially when I have two modules ongoing at the same time.
  • Finding the motivation to actually get this done as soon as possible. It sounds like a contradiction when we look at my strengths but this happens occasionally, not all the time.


  • I should collect more research into my chosen topic area, this will give me more evidence and more back up to the points that I make in my essay.
  • There are chances to come into college a lot more, so it’s a good idea to make use of the extra tuition and facilities.


  • If I do not carry out enough research, my essay will be very weak with the lack of evidence to my points.
  • If I miss a session or miss a deadline, I will be behind with regards to the scheme of work.
  • Network down =  No access to online resources.