Contextual Studies; Social Media Discussion

Now that we are moving on quickly with Contextual Studies, it is important to talk about the main three areas; Social Media, Present and Future Technologies & Mobile Devices. This afternoon, we got together and had a big discussion about what Social Media actually is, it’s benefits as well as drawbacks and also how we, as individuals, react to it.

What is Social Media? Well Social Media is the experience of communication online. It can be used as a Marketing tool and also an Advertising tool. We broke it right down into little sections and everyone had their say on what they thought of Social Media. The benefits that Social Media can bring is the ability to share much more information, lots more opinions, feedback from others on visual work etc. The possibilities are endless as they say. Like everything in life, there’s always a downfall, and with Social Media, it can be quite harsh. Such things and explicit content and privacy issues. It can also be a very dangerous tool!! You do have to be really careful when using Social Media, but when it is used correctly, it’s fantastic!

When we look at News; Stories are broken much earlier on Social Media. Back in the day (sounds weird saying that when I’m only 19 years old), you had to wait on tomorrow’s newspaper to find out the latest news, but today I can simply go on Twitter and there is just constant updates all the time from news desks all over the world. It’s INSANE! The exposure that news gets these days is incredible, the amount of different viewpoints and opinions shared is enormous.

Our Internet as we see it is mostly made up of User Generated Content. Everything out there is generated by us. Things such as Social Media, Blogging, Commenting, Uploading Images and Uploading Videos is all classed as UGCm and if you think about it, thats what the web is. Examples of sites would be eBay, Amazon, Facebook,  Twitter, GumTree, Dating sites and so much more!

Social Media allows EVERYONE to have their own viewpoint. Everyone has a voice and there is no limit.

Certain questions can be answered in relation to Social Media. I have come up with a few below which could be part of my Contextual Studies essay;

How has Social Media changed how digital media practitioners work?
How has Social Media change the way recruitment works in the digital industry?
How has User Generated Content impacted on the way websites are created and how may this develop in the future?
How  does differences in culture impact the user of Social Media & what are the new possibilities in this area?

You tell me…