Contextual Studies; Module Reflection

Ah contextual studies, how I love writing essays!!! :D …… :/

The aim of the module was to write a 2500 word essay which explores an area of digital media which interests me. The topic of the essay I wrote was about how mobile technology has changed the way designers work and how it may impact the industry in the future. My essay followed the standards set out in the college’s essay writing booklet.

I believe that my essay was analytical in nature and that it showed a clear understanding of the topic as well as meeting the learning outcomes. My formative grade of 72% shows that I used a wide range of sources and that my communication of information was strong. I was confident in writing this piece and spent a lot of time structuring it the correct way. I am extremely happy that I have achieved a distinction in this module as English Language used to let me down in the past, I was never the best at it. But now, I must believe in myself, because my results show that I can do it.