Contextual Studies; Mobile Devices Discussion

Part II of this mornings discussion and we now focus on Mobile Devices!

Few facts for you first… Did you know that in the United Kingdom there is more Mobile Devices than humans! The figure stands at a staggering 62.5 million!!! There is also more mobiles than PC’s and landline phones. We were shown a graph in the presentation and it basically said that as the cost of data went down, network speeds went up which mean new services were introduced. Therefore, as new services were developed, the amount of usage increased heavily.

1st Generation Mobiles .v. 21st Century Mobiles

Its Mobile     :     SMS

Just a phone      :     Camera

Costs More Than a Pay Phone     :     WWW

Small Screen     :     Media Players

Limited Network Coverage     :     Apps

In the past designers and developers were reluctant to work with mobile devices. It’s getting much more consistent nowadays with mobile devices such as Smartphones & Tablets, we are seeing the use of browsers similar to those on a desktop. This means that now, web based apps and websites can be built in similar ways to versions that are built for desktop PC’s.

What does being mobile really mean to us? Well it gives us the sense of freedom, it’s wireless, compatible and also transportable. Everything in the communication world these days is instant!

Apple dominates the market but more and more people are using Android devices. Saying that, when it comes to Apps, it is Apple who dominate the market for this. The invention of Apps have really revolutionised the way we use our mobiles.

Features such as touchscreen and changing views make the User Experience better & more exciting.

There is a few videos that we watched on YouTube as well in the session and it was looking at what the future holds for mobiles. I will be writing a blog post on the videos that I looked at cause in some ways, it is actually quite scary and eye-opening. There is a lot of security & privacy concerns which should really make people think more when using mobiles.

Also there is some crazy sh*t currently being developed such as Google Glass, Sony Wig, Flexible Screens, you name it!