Companies in the United Kingdom

Now that I’ve done some agency research in the areas of Newcastle, I shall start looking much further afield. Now the companies that I will be researching here won’t be considered for placement opportunities, but I will be looking at what they do for interest purposes. I want see what other people are doing and have a look at what sort of companies there are. I have chosen three major UK destinations; London, Leeds & Manchester… Saying that, Leeds & Manchester isn’t that far away from Newcastle!


The first of my UK companies is SpinBox, who are a creative agency down in the capital. They design and build websites but are very CMS orientated. By the sounds of it, they probably have their own CMS (Which is quite popular these days) and they will use that to build their clients’ sites. Although they primarily offer design and development, they’re always looking at the performance and optimisation side of things as well. I think this is great because they’re always going to be improving with each project.

SpinBox have been around for 9 years now and have built up a number of good clients. They have been in partnership with the likes of AVIVA, EE Mobile. Japanese Tourism and Beacon. In some cases, the guys at SpinBox have actually developed separate Content Management Systems for clients! Pretty cool!


Next on the list are a digital agency from Leeds, and they are; Parallax. Within web, you’ve probably heard the term parallax a lot, and that’s what these lot specialise in. Of course they do their design and development but they love to focus on the functionality and movement of sites.

In the beginning, the company originally started as two separate businesses, one building websites and the other web applications, running from several bedrooms across the lovely city of York. The only plan they had was to create amazing things and see what happened from there. Now they’re a fully established company with around 17 staff!

They’re clientele includes the likes of British Airways, Nestle, Hermes Delivery, ASDA, xBox and Mens Health. Not bad eh?


& finally, from Manchester, I will be looking at Creative Spark and see what they’re up to! :)

Creative Spark are actually one of the biggest companies out of these three and I actually think they’re the best I’ve looked at so far. They have a stunning website and it’s really nice viewing. Creative Spark work together from 3 offices to create high quality work. They like to use their own unique approach of WORK/PLAY to produce the work that they do.

There processes of work are as follows:

Starting off with the ‘dig’, they say it’s all about us really getting under the skin of a business so that they understand it. They have set questions specifically designed to collect precisely the right information.

Next up, develop. This is where so much important work is done. CS use the brief and their understanding to work, and work, and work. They explore all the possibilities, generate ideas and then develop them into solutions.

Lets discuss. An essential part of the process is ‘you’. CS have found that direct communication between the clients and their designers is the best way to achieve results. So after they’ve developed  ideas, they look to encourage an open and honest discussion.

& last but not least, deliver. Once the discussions are complete CS will deliver your project, on time and on budget. If it’s a print job, they have some great relationships with high quality printers who will ensure a perfect finish. If the project is digital, their web design specialists will test it thoroughly before launching online.

Clintele; Coopertive, Manchester United, JD Sports, Nike, BBC and WeBuyAnyCar.

Great work, great company!