Companies in the North East

Well this year, I want to try and go on placement for a few weeks! I didn’t manage to get one in the summer holidays last year due to work commitments but this year I think it will be very beneficial to me. In order for me to have the best chance of getting a placement, I must do some research into the companies that I would like to work at so I know what they do best and what kind of work they have produced. Now because I live 60 miles away, I would ideally like to work much closer to home but seeing as there isn’t many Web Design & Development opportunities up hear, my research is all gathered around firms in Newcastle & Edinburgh, which are both the same distance from Berwick upon Tweed.

We’ll start with a couple down in the toon!


Climb Creative are a creative studio in Gateshead whom specialise in Web Design & Development. I have had a look at their current website and I’m very impressed to start with. They have a very nice website and have a lot of big names on their portfolio such as Nissan, Drive Benfield. I like the look of their work and feel that this would be a nice place to work. They also do work surrounding mobile apps, I see that they have created an app for the City of Durham. It’s basically a massive city guide which is quite cool!

They are just based next to Gateshead college so it’s not like its a massive distance away from Newcastle Central. Not only do they specialise in Web, but they also do a lot of offline work such as print etc, so it would quite interesting to see how they balance their work.

It’s probably worth getting in touch with the guys at Climb and see what they say in regards to work placements. I believe there are only three guys working there (Libby says!), so I presume its a nice and relaxed working environment.


Next on the agenda is a company that work down on Westgate Road, and they are; Komodo Digital. First of all, what a cracking name that is! :P Anyways, these guys primarily focus on Responsive Web Design. I’ve spoke a few times now about RWD and it’s picking up all the time. All of Komodo’s work is based around RWD as you can see from their portfolio.

They also offer services within the Mobile side of things, so such things like Application Design and development is all part of what they do. They have a cracking website which is straight the point and it’s very clean and simple.

They have a very good clientele which includes; nPower, Sunderland College, Newcastle United FC, NHS, Edinburgh Zoo, and also ITV! Some big names there so you can imagine that they are extremely good at what they do.

I think a work placement would be great here, but only if I wanted to go down the Mobile route. I’m not sure about that yet as I do like Web Development, but my experiences so far surrounding Mobile have been fantastic and I really enjoyed the RWD stuff.


The last company that I have came across was one that are purely focused in web design and development, and they are Starry Sky Design. Again, they are a bit like Komodo in which they pay a lot of attention towards RWD. I love their current website, I think it looks pretty new to be honest, they have a range of styles which I’m very attracted to such as, Smooth Scroll, Parallax etc. I think it’s great!

In terms of a work placement, I think this would be a fantastic place to work. Because I only have a little experience within RWD, I could gain so much experience if I were to go on placement with this company. As we speak, my options are still very much, wide open, so it’s hard to say what I want to go and learn more about, but this is definitely worth some consideration.

In addition, Starry Sky Design have built up a very strong clientele as well. They have been in connection with the likes of; ITV, BBC, Monster and Sony!