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You may be thinking why am I starting this now when we’re so close to finishing the course… Well, the thing is, now that I am due to start my placement in around two weeks time, I want to get my HTML & CSS skills up to scratch so that I am ready for when I start. I don’t want to be going into Climb and be asking lots of questions all the time, although they’ll help, I want to be able to do it by myself and show them my skills.

I think Codecademy is really cool, & it is a fantastic way of learning! It’s very interactive and user-friendly :) I have recently been going through the ‘HTML Basics’ lesson (Which I already know), but I’ve OFFICIALLY earn’t the badge though! Below is a picture of what badges I have collected so far!

Code Academy 1

I will be continuing to do these lessons right until the end as I feel it will help me so much in terms of knowing HTML & CSS very well. I’m starting to lean over to the coding side of things now and I’m really wanting to push myself in this area. So here goes!