Climb Creative

I have some great news folks! :)

On Wednesday afternoon, I received an E-mail from Stephen who works at Climb Creative, a web design & development agency in Gateshead. Want to know what it said? Read below!

Cutting the conversation short, I have basically got an appointment with Stephen next Wednesday 26th at 1pm about a position regarding Web Development!!!

My details and CV were passed on to Stephen a few weeks ago and I’m thrilled that he has got in touch with me. I am really looking forward to meeting Stephen and the rest of the guys at Climb. Whether I get the chance to fulfill the available placement position or not, it will most certainly be a great experience.


There’s a couple of things I think I should do before I go and meet Stephen next Wednesday to make sure I am sorted and that’s do a bit of research and compile a mini portfolio. The research bit is quite important as I need to understand who Climb are, what type of work they do, what clients they’ve had, etc. This will all benefit me when it comes to holding a conversation with the guys over in Gateshead. A mini portfolio is just as important I think too; what I am going to do is put together a PDF (or something similar) to show Stephen what work I can do and what work I’m currently doing. It’s important that Stephen knows what I’m all about and understands my interest in this opportunity. If I can prepare myself correctly then it should all run nice and smoothly! :)