Business Cards

Now that I’m really starting to focus on my future, there’s a few things which I need to have in place. One of these essentials are Business Cards

When networking and interacting with other businesses and of course clients; you will find that besides yourself, your business card is the first impression anyone gets of your business. Many times, you will be asked “Do you have a card?”, or of course if you are not asked, you should be offering one. No one should have to find a pen and write down your name a number if you want them to use your services.

Once you hand your business card to your contact, what are they thinking about your business? Every aspect of the card will influence how they perceive you and your business. The creative design of the card, the quality of the logo, readability, and finally the “feel” of the card, all influence how they react.

Below shows the final design of my business cards, and you will notice that they are very similar to my portfolio design. I done this on purpose so that my brand has a house style and people understand why I decided to design it in this way.

Hope you like it! :)

Business Cards Image